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About The Founder

Hey, I'm Eric! As a lifelong science enthusiast, I founded MiniLabsters out of passion.

I've realized that introducing kids to science early on not only boosts cognitive skills but also strengthens parent-child bonds. Families that explore science together share a unique closeness.

Supporting your child's scientific curiosity not only brightens their childhood but also equips them with resilience in life's challenges, as it did for me. 

I'm convinced that when parents actively engage in their child's curiosity of the world, they create treasured memories and foster an optimistic outlook, which is invaluable in today's world.

Meet The Team

At MiniLabsters, we're a bunch of science nerds at heart. Remember those kids who'd always look up at the stars or take apart toys just to see how they worked? That was us. We’re big believers in the magic of early learning, not just for smarts but for bonding with family too.

We’ve seen firsthand how curiosity builds resilience and confidence. We're all about celebrating those little "Eureka!" moments and supporting young explorers every step of the way.

For us, it's more than just science. It's about creating memories and gearing up the next gen with an upbeat, forward-looking attitude. Join us on this awesome journey!

Our Vision

We believe that children who develop a passion for science early on, gain a significant advantage over their peers who don't.

Nurturing a love for science translates into tangible benefits in life that might surprise you.

In school, such passion drives them to uncover intriguing facets in subjects that might otherwise seem mundane. The beauty? You might not even need to push them to study any longer. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

The vastness of science equips your child with essential life skills like managing setbacks, seeking guidance, and making informed decisions. It goes beyond merely fostering critical thinking.

Get In Touch

Got a burning question or just want to chat about the wonders of the universe? We're all ears. At MiniLabsters, we’re not just about equations, experiments and education, but about people and passions. Whether it’s a suggestion, story, or a simple hello, we love hearing from our community.

Drop us a line. We promise we're as friendly as they come. Let’s make learning fun together!

Email: info@minilabsters.com
Tel: +16102458971